Saturday Soccer Club

Every weekend our regular Saturday Soccer Club continues to train kids in Les Hewitt’s Five Fundamentals for effective living:  Focus, Relationships, Resourcefulness, Routines & Awareness.

Of the 159 individual kids who come and go from our weekend soccer program over the course of a year, our most committed will trudge through deep snow and endure frigid temperatures to connect with friends and improve their soccer skills every Saturday.  Participants’ families are from over thirty different countries. Belonging is such a need, especially for newcomers who have left family and all that is familiar to immigrate to Canada. Our regular club gives kids a place to be known and contribute.

This year 24 of our Saturday Soccer participants enrolled with a city soccer team for the indoor season. Many were welcomed and their registrations sponsored by Kidsport and Calgary Glenmore FC.  Two of our boys have been selected to train for a week with West Ham United in England this year. We are proud of their achievements!  Soccer Without Boundaries facilitates many Glenbrook families as they take their soccer skills to the next level. Besides helping with enrollment, SWB does a lot of the driving to and from practices and games.