Summer Soccer Camps


Soccer Camp-Stories of Opportunity and Struggle from Alberta’s Prairie Immigration Boom to Today

This year’s SWB Soccer Camp has received generous support from The Calgary Foundations fund for Canada’s 150th Birthday. As always, each day of our week long soccer camp ends with a rally. The 120 children and 30 youth volunteers present at each rally will be visited by someone from the past who arrives in a time machine. Our time-traveling visitors will tell stories of what it was like to immigrate to Canada from as far back as 1867. They will tell of stresses in their home countries that caused them to flee. They will speak of opportunities for a new start. They will remember struggles they encountered along the way. They will then meet modern day immigrants who share the same motivations for coming to Canada and can identify with their struggles. These contemporary immigrants will be parents of children participating in camp.

On the last day of camp the whole community will be invited to a BBQ and celebration of Canada’s 150th. We will feature performances by multi-cultural youth in the city, including our own teens who will perform a drama presenting the point of view of Calgary’s indigenous population when the Prairie Immigration Boom started.

Ultimately, we will celebrate the rich diversity that is Canada and encourage one another to contribute to our Country in meaningful ways.

Here is the registration form: 2017 Soccer Camp Registration Form


Cops vs Kids Soccer Match!

What:     Soccer Without Boundaries and the Calgary Police Services soccer match

When:    August 12, 2016, from 11:00 to noon

Where:  Glenbrook Community Association, 3524-45 street SW, Calgary

The kids at Soccer Without Boundaries (SWB) have challenged the Calgary police to a soccer match, and the Calgary police have accepted!

SWB is an innovative program welcoming boys and girls of any age, culture, background or ability. It provides both a summer camp and a year-round soccer program for new Canadians, refugees, low-income families and anyone who enjoys the game and wants to get involved!  More than 100 children are part of the program, with families from Syria, Sudan, Congo, Columbia, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia, Philippines, Egypt, Korea and more.

SWB was among winners of 2016 “Soul of the City” neighbourhood grant from the Calgary Foundation and Calgary Economic Development. The program was founded by Jean-Claude Munyezamu who is originally from Rwanda. A father, soccer coach, and community organizer, Jean-Claude received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for his work with youth in Calgary.

The 2016 summer camp will be held August 8 to 12th at the Glenbrook Community Association at 45th street and 34th avenue SW.

The game with the Calgary police will be held on Friday August 12th, on the last day of camp. The match will first feature cops vs kids, and will then switch it up, so that police officers will play alongside the children in mix-and-match teams. The event starts at 11:00 am, with a BBQ to follow.

This event highlights the Calgary Police Service’s strong commitment to community involvement, as well as Calgary’s welcoming spirit and the city’s exciting changing demographics.  It’s fun, it builds a sense of unity, and–for the media—it will be rich in visuals and personal stories.  We urge you to join us!

For more information, please contact Jean-Clause Munyezamu at Soccer Without Boundaries:

Phone: 403-618-0457, or via email at

Or the Calgary Police Service’s Media Line at 403-428-7979